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Kristiansand & iKRS in English

Kristiansand & iKRS in English


We interviewed Kristiansand's adviser for economic and international development Lukas Wedemeyer about their new app iKRS. What is the app used for and how are they planning to utilize it?

What is iKRS app and what is it used for?

iKRS is opening a new channel for Kristiansand's citizens to get involved and participate in the development of our city.

Why do you want to pilot a new way of engaging citizens?

So far we don’t have too much experience using apps for communication. At the same time practically everyone has a smartphone nowadays and we want to open that channel also for interaction with the City administration. It is important for us to reach target groups in Kristiansand that we’re not reaching with more traditional ways of communication, like town hall meetings or public hearings. At the same time I want to underline that the new involvement app will be supplementary and open to everyone.

What kind of questions and information user can expect during the pilot?

We do see the broad potential of the app and think we can use it basically for both strategic issues and very concrete questions. During the pilot phase we will start using the app to collect input for Kristiansand municipality´s new overall strategic plan. Later on we will be putting out more concrete questions regarding alternative usage of parking spaces or cultural events.

Will the collected feedback have some sort of impact on the future of Kristiansand?

The user’s answers will have an direct effect on the development of Kristiansand. We are really looking forward to explore the possibilities for interaction together with our fellow Kristiansanders.


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