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Tampereen Raati

#strategy #engagement #opendemocracy #opengovernance #brand #municipaldemocracy


City of Tampere

Tampere has the biggest population of inland cities in any of the Nordic countries. It has the population of over 223 000. Tampere is the 3rd biggest city in Finland, right after Helsinki and Espoo.

Tampereen Raati mobile app was launched in May 2017 and it  is a mobile application that allows you to develop the city of Tampere. By using this application you can conveniently participate in and influence on current and future affairs.

So far Tampereen Raati has had content related to the city’s new strategy and questions related to visions of the future of the city. They are especially trying to reach the youth since they rarely have the opportunity or interest to take part in city hearings.